[ecasound] ecasetupedit 0.2 release

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Subject: [ecasound] ecasetupedit 0.2 release
From: janne halttunen (jhalttun_AT_pp.htv.fi)
Date: Wed Oct 10 2001 - 14:35:59 EEST

Hello all,

ecasetupedit version 0.2 available at:


Below in an excerpt from the changelog with comments:

Changes from 0.1 to 0.2:

changed: remove/restore scheme in the tree changed to cut/copy/paste one

# Now you can cut (copy) and paste chains, effects, controllers (including
effect setups and controller setups).

added: support for LADSPA effects

# This also paves way for the addition of the infinite parameter
controllers (-kog and -klg).

added: integrated ecasound through eci module

# For this to work you need ecasound 2.0.3 with pyecasound installed,
though ecasetupedit should work without it (lacking this feature).

added: chain, effect and controller number variables

# This could actually useful. Example: create a chain called chain1 with
input from soundcard and output to file file$cn.wav, then add effect Bandpass
filter with center-freq $cn*1000 and width 1000. Then copy the chain
few times, run ecasound, and you have file1,...,fileN containing different
frequencies of the recording!

changed: keyboard navigation made more coherent

added: differentiation to keyboard vs. mouse navigation

# Some widgets on the screen are now only accessible by mouse (not
interfering with keyboard navigation).

added: config package along with some configuration support

added: some documentation to curwid

added: fileselector for audio inputs & outputs

# ecasetupedit's answer to readline

added: some other UI-improvements

added: DISCLAIMER & ChangeLog files

fixed: various miscellanous bugs


If find a bug, contact me. I am planning on releasing bugfix versions on this one.



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