[ecasound] development release: 2.1.0

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Subject: [ecasound] development release: 2.1.0
From: Kai Vehmanen (k_AT_eca.cx)
Date: Mon Oct 08 2001 - 01:29:37 EEST

Unlike Linus I'm not going to delay opening the development series. :) So
here's the first one - 2.1.0. Packages available at http://eca.cx/ecasound
- CVS-tree is tagged with 'v2_1_0'. I'm not making any rpm packages just
yet. I'll start making them when we get closer to v2_2 (and that's a long
time - I don't want to break library interfaces all the time).

And it's good to remember that this is a development release and should be
considered as unstable. ECI-apps that work with 2.0.x should work with
2.1.x. Apps like ecawave and ecamegapedal which use libecasound directly
won't even compile.

If you to test with this new release, but still keep an stable version of
ecasound installed, you can do the following:

tar zxvf ecasound-2.1.0.tar.gz
cd ecasound-2.1.0
./configure --prefix=/home/user/ecasound-2.1 --disable-pyecasound
make install
ln -s /home/user/ecasound-2.1/bin/ecasound /usr/local/bin/ecasound_21

... you should be able to run both 'ecasound' (the old ecasound) and
'ecasound21'. Same thing can be used for CVS-builds. Note! If you enable
pyecasound, 'make install' will overwrite the old pyecasound module in
python's site-packages directory.

06102001 (v2.1.0)
        - edi-entries: edi-2, edi-6, edi-10, edi-15
        - added: more recent config.guess and config.sub to
                 the dist package [juekawa]
        - added: new feedback-% param to -etd effect, doesn't
                 affect old presets using -etd [smassy]
        - added: ALSA device name 'default' is used if no
                 other name is given ('-o:alsa' is equivalent
                 to '-o:alsa,default')
        - added: special case for mapping "ecasound file.ecs"
                 to "ecasound -s:file.ecs"
        - added: implementation of edi-6; the -z:db
                 is now completely transparent to other
                 parts of ecasound
        - added: eiam - new commands: cs-set-position-samples,
                 cs-get-position-samples, ai-set-position-samples,
                 ai-get-position-samples, ao-set-position-samples,
        - added: edi-15 - '-B' option for selecting default
                 buffering mode (see ecasound man page)
        - added: edi-15 - ecasoundrc bmode-defaults options;
                 obsoletes old default-buffersize, etc options
        - added: various improvements to multitrack sync-mechanism
                 to make it work reliably in all buffering modes
        - added: ladspa.h added back to distribution; it is however
                 not installed to incdir/ecasound/ladspa; also
                 already installed ladspa.h is preferred over
                 the local header file version
        - added: S.Massy's ecalength added to ecatools -
                 see ecalength(1) manual page (edi-10)
        - added: new 'typeselect' audio object type that can
                 be used to override the object type; see
                 man ecasound(1) for details
        - changed: library version changed to 8.0.0
        - changed: use of kvutils/definition_by_contract
                   dropped; more lightweight kvutils/dbc.h
                   will be used from now on
        - changed: more strict option parsing; now a warning
                     is printed if an unknown option is seen;
                   parser also won't accept known options
                   with invalid or incorrect parameters
        - changed: use of libstdc++ namespace now explicitly
                   marked using the 'std::' prefix [rpolton]
        - changed: new layout for saved ecs-files
        - changed: docs - converted ecasound user's and
                   programmer's guide from yodl to latex
        - changed: shocking changes to startup printouts :)
        - fixed: gcc3.x fixes to ALSA 0.5.x plugin [juekawa]
        - fixed: problems with ALSA 0.9beta7 (dlopen() issue)
        - fixed: minor samplerated bug with LADSPA plugins
        - fixed: gcc3.x failed on certain glibc2.1 headers
                 if optimization was enabled (-O2)
        - fixed: pyecasound linking failed in certain
        - fixed: ecasound.spec - dropped the hardcoded python
                 module path that was passed to configure
        - fixed: seg.fault if opening wav/raw files for
                 output failed for some reason (access
                 denied, etc)
        - fixed: non-zero defaults for -r:x and -z:db,y [smassy]

 Audio software for Linux!

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