[ecasound] 2.1-tree status update

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Subject: [ecasound] 2.1-tree status update
From: Kai Vehmanen (k_AT_eca.cx)
Date: Thu Oct 04 2001 - 01:13:37 EEST

I just did a few large commits to ecasound's 2.1 CVS-tree. I'll briefly
describe the major changes:

1. -z:db

Edi-6, ie. making the -z:db system transparent, is pretty
much complete. When you type 'fstatus' in ecasound 2.1 with -z:db enabled,
you get something like:

Input (1): "l2-test.wav," - [Buffering proxy => RIFF wave file]
 -> connected to chains "1": position (0.000/356.963) seconds.
 -> closed, s32_le/10ch/44100Hz, buffer 1024.

When -z:db is enabled, all access goes through the proxy layer. In
2.0.x, proxy-objects were only used in the engine, and that caused
problems in certain situations.

I've also made various improvements to the buffering system itself. It
should now be even more reliable. The current CVS-version has profiling
code enabled. If you run ecaosund with -z:db, you get a profile-dump when
you exit. Here's an example:

(audioio-proxy-server) *** profile begin ***
profile_not_full_set_rep: 975
profile_pauses_rep: 3760
profile_full_and_active_rep: 5238
profile_full_set_rep: 976
profile_not_full_rep: 2330
(audioio-proxy-server) *** profile end ***

If you have troubles with the new -z:db code, sending the above numbers
will be helpful. All in all , I'm interesting in getting feedback from
this. My goal is to make -z:db the default in 2.1. Only when there are no
rt-devices present, or user has explicitly disabled it (with -z:nodb),
double-buffering won't be used. This means that -z:db code must be
perfect! :)

2. From yodl to latex

As development of yodl has practically stopped (last release in -99), I've
started to use latex as the master format for ecasound user's and
programmer's guides, and the ECI guide. The latex-based version are
already online (www.eca.cx/ecasound -> Documentation). Man-pages are still
made with yodl (I don't know how easy it is to convert from latex to

3. Changes to .ecs format

The new format is a bit more verbose. There were no syntax changes, so
old chainsetup files work as before. Comments are welcome.

4. Command-line parser working smoothly

The chainsetup option parser (code moved to
libecasound/eca-chainsetup-parser.*) is very nicely now. It's more
reliable and can give better feedback if given invalid parameters. The
same code handles both options coming from the command-line and from

 Audio software for Linux!

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