Re: [ecasound] problems linking ecawave on FreeBSD

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] problems linking ecawave on FreeBSD
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Mon Sep 10 2001 - 21:01:09 EEST


On Fri, 24 Aug 2001, The Anarcat wrote:

> I am the ecasound FreeBSD port maintainer. I just sent an update of
> ecasound to version 2.0.2 and it works fine, good job! :)

Thank you, and thank you, too. :)

> I am now trying to compile ecawave (again). The first problem I stumbled
> upon is that ecawave is not linking with the proper qt library on fbsd
> here. Here, to link with qt2 you have to specify -lqt2, not -lqt.
> I have attached patches to the Makefiles that fix this issue.

This a tricky one. As Junichi already mentioned, we can't apply this patch
directly as it would break most other platforms. If you install
Qt from the official source package, you'll get .. libtool
versioning takes care of version troubles. I'm not sure why FreeBSD
installs Qt2.x as -lqt2, but on the other hand it's not the only platform
that does it... (some trouble with libtool?).

A good solution would be that Trolltech included a gtk/whatever style
qt-config script (-> like ecasound-config for libecasound) for library
configuration. But I guess this is not something we can do.

Hmm, how about something like "LIBS=-lqt2 ./configure" for the fbsd port?

> The second problem I had is with the eternal -pthread flag on FreeBSD.
> You need it to link with pthreaded apps. And ecasound is one. And
> ecasound-config --libs, for some reason, doesn't give -pthread in the
> list. So I had to include that in the patch too.

This is best handled in ecawave's configure-script (just take the
thread-setup from ecasound's

> So now I can compile it. And run it! :) But when I start it, I have the
> message: "Warning! Can't access temporary directory
> /tmp/ecawave-anarcat. Ecawave may not work properly." The thing is that
> the directory is there. It exists...

This is probably caused by the new temporary directory creation code in
'ecasound/kvutils/temporary_file_directory.h'. What does "stat
/tmp/ecawave-anarcat" look like? I suspect geteuid() or getegid()
functions work differently between fbsd and linux. You can test this by
uncommencting the debug code in
'ecasound/kvutils/temporary_file_directory.h' (lines 100, 105, and so on)
and recompile and reinstall libkvutils.

> This really looks promising. Is it possible to make multi-track mixing
> with ecawave? This is mostly why I would use it. I mainly need it to mix
> seperate wave files together and "align" them on arbitrary boundaries.

I'm afraid ecawave might not suit your needs. It was meant to be a simple
editor for individual files (ie. not groups of related audio files), and
that's what it is. You can load, edit and play multichannel files, but
functionality is limited. I'd suggest you take a look at Snd or GLAME.
Dave Phillips is writing an article about Snd, which should be very
interesting reading to all of us. Check the following links:

From Dave's Sound&MIDI pages:

linux-audio-dev and linux-audio-user archives:

> On a side note, is there planned support for ESound/nas/rplay/aRts API?

aRts is already supported. Others might be in the future, but are not
priority items. Currently LAAGA (or JACK/LADMEA, see
is my prime concern.

 Audio software for Linux!

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