Re: [[ecasound] multiple chain problem]

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Subject: Re: [[ecasound] multiple chain problem]
From: Phil Freeman (
Date: Wed Aug 22 2001 - 04:34:14 EEST

hi -
  I recompiled with --disable-ncurses and am still having the same issue. I am
currently recompiling with --enable-debug --disable-ncurses --disable-alsa (use
oss currently). Can you help me with some pointers as to debugging this issue ?
is there anything similar to -d:255 i can do to get more info ? i tried an
strace, but that provided little usefull information.

  Thank you again for your help.

> > information, I'v tried it on Slackware 7.0,7.1, and 8.0 ( sorry i
> > don't run redhat ). and everytime i try multitrack recording it
> > freezes here with 100%cpu utilization:
> The additional info you posted was indeed helpful. The following seems
> awfully close to your situation (freezing if '-a:something' on
> command-line, Slackware 7.x). Let me know if --disable-ncurses works for
> you!
> --cut--
> Hello!
> Although it has taken over half a year, the problem is now located. :) It
> seems that libncurses is the problem source. The latest ecasound packages
> (1.9dev2) contain a new '--disable-ncurses'. By compiled this way,
> ecasound will work even on out-of-the-box slackware boxes.
> > I've just started playing with ecasound and think it will be great if I
> > can get it to work. I appear to be having the same problem as others so
> I
> > thought I would send you some debug info in the hopes that it would help
> > you track it down.
> >[...]
> > I'm running Slackware 7.0 but I upgraded my library to try and get this
> to
> > run. I've tried compiling both ecasound-1.7.9r13 and ecasound-1.8.0d14
> > against libncurses 4.2 and 5.1 but get the same problem. Linux kernel
> > 2.2.16.
> [...]
> > (gdb) r -a:main -i rhythm.wav -o alsa,0,0
> > Starting program: /usr/local/bin/ecasound_debug -a:main -i rhythm.wav -o
> > alsa,0,0
> [...]
> > Program received signal SIGINT, Interrupt.
... and that's the rest of the story.

- phil freeman -
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