Re: [ecasound] wassup ;)

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] wassup ;)
From: janne halttunen (
Date: Thu Aug 16 2001 - 15:26:39 EEST

> Ok, I hate when free-sw projects slow down and I don't know what's
> actually happening behind the scenes. So as ecasound development has
> been
> quite slow during this summer, I guess this is a good time for a
> status
> report.

Yep, Ive been busy constructing Yet Another Frontend to ecasound, this time
not so much hiding the subletities of the program, but rather exposing them
properly. The main innovation behind this one is the presentation of chains
as tree-like structures.


Currently, it does actually do anything, (apart from building imaginary
chain-trees on the screen) but having it read/write .ecs files should be
fairly trivial. The main problem in this would be the legality of
the written .ecs files. It doesn't have a clue of the operator parameter
descriptions, you'd still have to read the doc carefully not to do anything

The curses frontend is also in the works (and has been my main focus lately).
The widgets needed are mostly ready.

BTW, anybody else here running Mandrake Linux 8.0? Ive had tremendous
trouble trying to compile the latest ecasound on it, and been harassing the
mandrake-people about it. I sure hope I don't have to start changing distros.

Ok, I guess that's enough for now.


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