[ecasound] ecasound testsuite v0.000001very_alpha

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Subject: [ecasound] ecasound testsuite v0.000001very_alpha
From: Kai Vehmanen (kaiv@wakkanet.fi)
Date: Wed Aug 15 2001 - 04:39:11 EEST

The ECI cleanup bug found by Remco is a perfect example of bugs which are
easy to test in a regression test suite (~= automatic testing of features
which used to work at some point). Of course, we don't have a testsuite
... <quick hacking session> ... I was saying that now we have a
testsuite and the ECI cleanup bug is our first testcase! :)

I've added the testsuite code to CVS - 'sound/ecasound/testsuite'. It's
not part of the automake/autoconf system, but has its own Makefile (-> has
to be compiled and executed separately). All test cases are listed in
'testsuite/README.txt', and are identified by a test-id (an example
'ECI-1' -> ECI test set, test case #1).

To run all tests:

$ cd testsuite
$ make # creates test programs and 'ecatestlist.txt'
$ ./run_tests.py # tests all cases

The tests themselves are short, standalone executables, that do something
with ecasound, and then either return 0 (for success), or non-zero
(failure). This means that it doesn't matter how the test cases are
written (C, C++, bash, python, perl, whatever as long as they provide a
return value).

So it should be quite simple to write these test cases. This is a good way
to make sure that future versions of ecasound don't break your programs.
Just write a short test and send it to me!

 Audio software for Linux!

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