Re: [ecasound] First big multitrack project

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] First big multitrack project
From: Luke Tindall (
Date: Tue Jul 31 2001 - 10:54:31 EEST

On Friday 27 July 2001 08:50, I wrote:
> There does seem to be something wrong at the moment with latency. A few
> months back I was able to succesfully record multi track although when
> using a non latency kernel there would be over-runs. However I tried doing
> a recording last week and the results were very dissapointing. There was
> huge latency (we're talking in the region of 50-100 ms range) in the
> recorded track eventhough there were no reports of over-runs ... this was
> with alsaplugin device.

After testing out this problem over the last few days it seems that my awe32
card is the real reason for latecy problems. For some reason when trying to
duplex record, ecasound's engine takes a few seconds to start. I've tried
with numerous setting changes eg nointbuf/intbuf, lowlatecy/non lowlatency
enabled in kernel, doublebuffering/nodb etc. I'm not sure this card is truly
capable of full duplex... anyway. I then tried the same with a trident card
and was able to get low latency recordings - shame that the sound quality
form the these cards is so crap, even if you record at 48k, with levels
perfect it sounds fuzzy! Looks as if I need to by a new card. Any suggestons
are welcome??

Luke Tindall
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