Re: [ecasound] Correct volume

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Correct volume
From: Mario Lang (
Date: Mon Jun 25 2001 - 11:15:51 EEST

Kai Vehmanen <> writes:

> > Nice. Thanks for the reminder. Now I have a real problem
> > with ecanormalize. It seems as if it wouldn't understand
> > -f:s8,1ch,16000 or any other format parameter.
> > I need to use it in a pipe between a sound generating program
> > and lame..
> Ecanormalize doesn't yet understand any parameters. If available, it uses
> the input object's audio format, otherwise the default params. Hmm, this
> needs to be added on the todo-list.
Does this mean extension-detection of header-detection?

> Btw; using ecanormalize (or any peak-normalizer) with pipes can
> cause problems, as ecanormalize must first analyze the whole
> file, then read the file again, amplify and write to a temp
> file, and finally replace the original with the tempfile.
> But I guess you didn't refer to unix pipes here...
Uh, I really ment unix pipes. I am doing a project to produce
synthesized speech for a streaming application (mp3 streaming).
Problem is that the volume is about 4 times to silent, so
I thought about using ecasound to correct this.

Currently, I am doing something like:

cat $1 |\
festival_client --otype raw --ttw |\
#ecasound -f:s16,1ch,16000 -i stdin -ea:350 -f:s16,1ch,16000 -o stdout |\
lame -r -x -s 16 -m m - $2

I think I can do aproximate -ea because it is
alwqays above factor 400, but the version above (comment removed)
sounds horrible. I wonder what I do wrong.

   Mario <>
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