[ecasound] Correct volume

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Subject: [ecasound] Correct volume
From: kelly george hirai (khirai@unm.edu)
Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 16:43:41 EEST

the man page for ecatools has the command ecanormalize.

now, if you normalize a clean undistorted sound file and then play it
back and adjust your output levels, this is a good way to find the optimal
point to set the output value of your sound card.

optimizing your input signal to your sound card is a little bit tricker.
i run through a small mixer so i can meter the signal going into my sound
card. though my mixer has headroom out to about +18db, my sound card clips
at 0db with my line input and record level at around 60%. that is as hot
as i can run it without clipping the line preamps on the dacs, that is, if
i run my signal hotter out the mixer and turn down the input levels on my
sound card, i will still get distortion because the signal isn't makingi
it past those little op amps.

i'm using a generic ess1998 using the oss ac97 drivers which wakes up with
the mics patched into the recording chain. its possible to have both the
mic and line selected as record sources and since the mic preamps on sound
cards are so notoriuosly bad, this could be the source of white noise.
other good sources of white-ish noise are, running out of headphone jacks
into line inputs, trying to boost mic level signals on line input
channels and bad cables.

this msg isn't much about ecasound but i hope this helps. as long as i'm
here i'd like to thank everyone on this list for the helpful information,
quick bug fixes and charm. you're really great. kelly hirai

kelly, angel, riley & cameron hirai (505) 243-6417
300 sycamore ne albuquerque nm 87106 usa http://www.unm.edu/~khirai

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