Re: [ecasound] Best way to record

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Best way to record
From: S. Massy (
Date: Thu Jun 21 2001 - 03:00:46 EEST

On Wed, 20 Jun 2001, Nolan Darilek <> wrote:

> Ok, maybe I don't have this recording thing figured out. :) In my last
> message I complained that my recordings were all soft, that trying to
> raise the volume on my soundcard caused clipping despite the fact that
> the signal sounds great live. S. Massy recommends not using my
> soundcard's mixer to amplify my sound, and this is where I'm
> confused. :)
Yep, the point is that the little onboard mixer on your soundcard will just
add dirt to your sound and nothing more.
> My setup: POD Pro amp modeler running into the line in on my sblive
> value. I'm not entirely sure about the connecting cable, but I'll
> trust it for the time-being since I did purchase it from the music
> store and the salesman knew I'd be using it for recording. (If the
> cable is bad, can anyone recommend a good brand/cable, since I'll
> probably be picking up a few more things and do need a few cables.)
Well... there are a LOT of different brands and among them you find the
worst just as much as the best, I'd go with the mid-priced ones if I were
you. The very cheap ones will kill your sound outright and you wouldn't be
able to see the difference the most expensive of them do unless you were
running them with gear just as expensive. :(
> Anyhow, what I did was set the line in on my soundcard to record, and
> set its volume at 100%. This sounds great live. I then set the input
> gain to 0% and tried recording. This doesn't work and I get pure white
> noise. The POD's settings are maxed out, and I can't get it any
You get _white_ noise? That's not good! If you get white noise from the start
there's obviously something wrong somewhere.
> louder. Therefore, it seems as if something needs to happen on the
> soundcard's end in order to increase volume. Since igain apparently
> needs to be > 0, I'm assuming something needs to amplify the signal,
> or maybe I'm not capturing on the correct channel? I've set the master
Seems so... I happen to have a setup akin to yours (SBLive recording from
Line) and I assure you, the capture level is set to zero; the only thing
turned on is the capture switch.
> volume to capture and have used ecasound to record audio; I've taken
> soundclips from videos and converted MIDIs to wavs via this method,
> but it seems to work differently for recording. (IOW, I still
> need to have igain set to something nonzero.) I'd hoped that the good
> live sound would be captured if I used this method, but it doesn't
> seem to be.
> I've also considered hooking the POD into the mic in, would this
> accomplish anything? I'm really not sure what to do at this point, and
No, I used the mic-in before but it gives you an awfully dirty sound, the
output is just too loud compared to the signal it expects.

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