[ecasound] Recording louder

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Subject: [ecasound] Recording louder
From: Nolan Darilek (nolan_d@bigfoot.com)
Date: Wed Jun 20 2001 - 18:57:28 EEST

Currently I have a pod pro which I use for guitars and vocals, running
into the line in on my sblive value. My box is connected with my home
stereo system, and with the line in set to 100% my guitar sounds
fairly good over my speakers. The problems which I'm having seem to
crop up during recording only.

I initially tried setting my input gain high, (90%) but there's an
extreme amount of clipping when the audio is recorded and played back,
despite the fact that the guitar still sounds great live. I need to
drop my igain to 30% or so, and even then I experience a tiny amount
of clipping. I've created a fairly good guitar EQ preset which adds
some additional crunch to the sound, but even after EQ'ing and
normalizing the sound is extremely weak. Compared to the live sound,
the recorded sound is faint and doesn't pack the same amount of
power. Mixing with drums and a bassline seems to bring the entire mix
down in volume, and the guitar tracks are drowned by the other sounds.

The problem would be solved if I could increase my igain to a high
level I'm assuming, but I really don't know much about recording and
am not sure how to do that and avoid clipping. Using the volume knobs
on my guitar/pod doesn't seem to solve the problem; while I can raise
the levels on the card, the lowered levels of the pod/guitar seem to
destroy any benefits. I've heard recordings done with a pod and they
sound awesome, so I'm convinced that it's possible to get more volume
with less clipping, but I don't know how. Any suggestions?

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