Re: [ecasound] cs-toggle-loop?

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] cs-toggle-loop?
From: matthijs (
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 19:04:12 EEST

Hi u guys,
im new here,
but from the mjpeg mailing list I learned to get further in using lin I
have to ask for some help once in a while. Now my following question is:
I tried the following ecasound packages, but none of them got installed or
anything. last year I installed ecasound but that was on a slack 7
something ( vannilla flavour...we call our distro groento) but now ( becus
I have to get things done for school lately) I use a standart up to date
the rpm package doesnt seem to like my ncurses 5.2, I cant get
a hold on and it wont work without it. ( even copying it
from other pcs has been tried ;)
The sources only compile if I use --i ( ignore errors....)
for configure
and then It takes ages. I pressed control-c after a few hours.
I am not a linux guru, so I cant solve these myself and editing Makefiles
is a Mystery.
So what version or file or whatever should I download just to get ecasound
working? from the looks of it, its the most popular and used program to do
'bandrecordings' with. the others ( ardour et all ) ar not quite what I am
looking for and toooo beta. I like commandline tools ( I do videoediting
in linux w commandline and its better then premiere on my pc.) so can
anyone of you give me some advice what to try?
these are the ones I tried

ecasound-1.7.1d11 ecawave-0.2.2r2-1.i386.rpm
ecasound-1.7.1d11.tar.gz ecawave-0.2.2r2.tar.gz

My setup is:

RH7, kernel 2.4.2-2
SBlaster Live! value,
Creative drivers from
( I need them for the video tools, it solves many bugs in clockbla et all)
XFree 4.03 w Xvid extentions
The sound is working fine for capturing video,
playing and playing cds/mp3z

the rest of the hardware:

AMD K6 -2 300 ( Duron 750 soon)
Jetway S7 mobo Ali magic 5 ( a Epox KTA83+ soon)
Iomega Buz ( DC10 similar) capture board
Voodoo 3tv

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, janne halttunen wrote:

> > > I hope you have a solution for the above problem...
> >
> > - Use EWF for looping: the bug you found doesn't exist with EWF files, so
> > you could just create an EWF looking like this:
> > -----
> > source = test.wav
> > offset = 0
> > start-position = 0
> > length = 0.6
> > looping = true
> > -----
> I have noticed that you can get a looping input with something as simple as:
> -----
> source = test.wav
> looping = true
> -----
> One thing though is that it doesn't sound *exactly* like the loop you get with cs-loop. (haven't done any extensive testing, though)
> janne
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