[ecasound] Adding/removing audio-objects on-the-fly?

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Subject: [ecasound] Adding/removing audio-objects on-the-fly?
From: janne halttunen (jhalttun@pp.htv.fi)
Date: Wed Jun 06 2001 - 16:31:48 EEST


I'm back from a lenghty holiday, and also merrily unemployed again. :P

So, down to the business..

Currently, when adding an audio-object, ecasound insists on
disconnecting the chainsetup, so it can verify the validity of the
setup, before connecting it again. This has the downside of forcing the
user to have all the desired audio-objects in place before starting the
operation. Also in the case of looping ewf-inputs this presents
unnecessary burden to ecasound engine. Example:

* means audio-object is audible
- means audio-object is muted, but data is processed
<space> means no audio data is processed

drumloop1: *************--------------------------------------
drumloop2: ---------***************---------------------------
drumloop3: --------------------*****************---------------
drumloop4: --------------------------------*********************

could be:

drumloop1: *************
drumloop2: ***************

Now, I tried to wrap an ewf-file looping a wav-file to another ewf-file
to get the behaviour above, but ecasound handled it like the second ewf
was pointing to the wav-file. (it played only one time)



Fixing this would solve (?) the problem of looping inputs, but I think
there would be also some other benefits in being able to add new
audio-objects during operation. (living on the spur of the moment? ;)
The validity of setup could perhaps be checked by adding the objects to
existing 'null' or 'rtnull' -objects. (what's the difference of them

Hmm, I think that was it this time..


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