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Subject: Re: [ecasound] midi
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Sat May 05 2001 - 20:57:11 EEST

On Fri, 4 May 2001, Anthony wrote:

> I haven't seen my last message go thru, so sorry if I'm repeating
> myself. I got the midi named pipe working. Ecasound was segfaulting
> when trying to read midi-data from an empty pipe. If I pre-fill the
> pipe before starting ecasound it all works. Is this a bug?

Yup, but not a very trivial one. ecasound_debug (compiled with
'--enable-debug') doesn't seem to seg.fault in the situation
you describe. The optimized ecasound binary does... strange. I'll look
into this.

> I have also managed to compile and run Xphat (took a few hacks). I
> would like to use something like this along with ecasound to do
> multitrack mixing and effects proccesing in real time. I'm having a
> lot of trouble testing the combination, mainly due to the first
> issue. I have, however, had some success.

One temporary solution to help testing: run ecasound in interactive
mode (add -c to the command-line). When you've set up Xphat, issue 'start'
in ecasound. When you want to make changes, 'stop' + 'cs-disconnect' in
ecasound, make the changes, and then 'cs-connect' + 'start'.

> Also, how expensive is software midi-emulation like this compared to
> having a hardware continuous controller? Is polling the named pipe
> for midi data efficient? Eventually, I would like to be able to record

Actually ecasound doesn't need to poll so it's quite efficient. If any
MIDI-functions are enabled, ecasound starts a separate MIDI-server threads
when you issue 'cs-connect' (= ecasound engine is started). The server
thread just sleeps until there's some data available on the MIDI-device
(named pipe in this case).

> BTW, 2.0 compiled without any problems. (Except: I don't use arts and
> have to add --disable-arts on the configure. Note, that this does not
> show up as an option to configure --help, I just guessed. It might be
> a good idea to add this to the help output.)

Did the compile fail? Ecasound's compilation process should notice that
you don't have aRts devel package installed, and disbale it
automatically. I tested it with 2.0.0 and seems to work.

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