[ecasound] summary of EIAM changes

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Subject: [ecasound] summary of EIAM changes
From: Kai Vehmanen (kaiv@wakkanet.fi)
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 04:51:14 EEST

I've just committed a large set of changes to ecasound's CVS-tree. Here's
some notes about the changes:

1. aio-* -> ai-* + ao-*

Commands operating on audio inputs and outputs have now been separated
into ai-* (audio inputs) and ao-* (audio outputs) command sets. This
affects all old aio-* commands except aio-register and aio-status.

There's no compatibility layer, so this change will break old code based
on EIAM (both ECI apps or ecasound frontends). But as already stated here,
this change is probably worth it.

2. new chainsetup position concept

This has been implemented as discussed on this list. In addition to audio
objects, now also chainsetups have position and length attributes.

As an added bonus, chainsetup position helps to define various old
features more accurately. For instance, '-t:seconds' option sets the
chainsetup length in seconds. If not set, ecasound finds the longest input
object and uses it to set the chainsetup length. '-y:x' on the other hand
sets the starting position for one individual audio input/output object.

3. selecting by index

Next on the EIAM to-do list is adding a select-by-index mechanism for all
objects type. In the future, all objects (chainsetups, chains, audio
inputs, audio outputs, etc) can be identified using an integer index
number, based on the order they were created. For each object type, you'll
xxx-list command, which gives a plain list of all objects of that type
(for instance 'c-list' prints all chains in the active chainsetup). The
first index will always be '1'.

Ok, now we have indexes for all objects. Then, to select an object, you'll
have "xxx-index-select index" command. Hmm, I guess it'd be good to also
provide a shortcut (perhaps xxx-iselect).


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