[ecasound] A few bugs

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Subject: [ecasound] A few bugs
From: S. Massy (theanaloguekid@tak.net.dhis.org)
Date: Tue Apr 03 2001 - 05:03:45 EEST


Here following are a few bugs I happened to stumble upon today. They
are (at least most of them) rather minor bugs, but a segfault is
always ugly to come across nonetheless.

- If someone is lunatic enough to copp-select a param number that does
not exist and the selected effect is a preset, ecasound will segfault
upon issuing copp-get/set. After I found this out I tried the same
with both native effect and ladspa plugins but there was no segfault
though no error message either. It would appear to be related with
preset embeded params.

- If you try to use looping with -z:db enabled with a command such as:
$ ecasound -z:db -i:test.wav -o:/dev/dsp -t:20 -tl
expect some surprises. It behaves very randomly, sometimes you will
here only half of what was intended to be played, sometimes it will
exit with this "underrun, exiting" message stale from when the
db-system was being debugged. (as I reported a while back.)

- If you have an ewf file set up for looping and (once again) are
lunatic enough to fw further than its intended point of wrapping around
a segfault will be triggered, rw'ing beyond the beginning does not
cause this however, nor does it happen with -tl.

- When using ewf for looping a portion of a file the snippet of audio
played is about one second longer than it should be, this problem also
does not exist when using -t/-tl for looping.

- You cannot use "~" in file names to denominate a path relative to
$HOME. There must be a bug at some point while parsing the command
line because you get a "couldn't open file for reading" error. Of
course that's nowhere near dramatic but that's a bit well.... bugging.

S. Massy

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