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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Midi (and other)
From: S. Massy (
Date: Sat Mar 31 2001 - 19:49:47 EEST

On Sat, 31 Mar 2001, Anthony Paul Van Groningen wrote:

> OK, finally got a new kernel and the latest ecasound (dev) version compiled (phew!) Couple of things:
> 0) I was trying to be pro alsa when compiling. On my first try I disabled oss support. Compilation failed
> in audioio-oss.h. It gave me a couple of syntax errors. i thought this was strange since it shouldn't bother
> with any oss files. Re-enabling oss support fixed the problem.
Hmm, it certainly shouldn't happen. But on the other hand I think you're
the first person ever to try to disable oss support. :) Alsa supplies a set
of device emulation modules for oss and most of us still use both, oss and
alsa native.
> 1) I mentioned having some problems with the 'ete' reverb, I was getting a blast of noise at the start of
> any wav, usually with large wet values. This is not a problem anymore with the new version.

Sorry, that's actually still a problem. I don't know if it will be
helpful but I think I have located the source of the static
blast. Apparently, the -ete effect is bogus in the way that it attempts
to play a snippet of reverberated audio before the source actually
starts playing. If you run something like:
$ ecasound -i:test.wav -o:/dev/dsp -ete:1,50,50 -c
Then start the processing, stop it, come back to the begining and
restart it you'll notice that the blast of static is now replaced with
a snippet of reverberated audio taken from where you first stopped the
processing. Of course when you first start the processing the buffer
containing the reverb-processed audio is filled with garbage thus
producing a sort of white noise. So I guess the obvious solution would
be to convince the algorithm to wait for the input before starting to
spew out "processed" date. (Maybe just zero the buffer?)
> 3) Finally, I'm curious about how other people use ecasound. I see a lot of very advance examples floating
> about on the list. Personally, I use this as a tool for recording demos from a simple mic. When I get a
> new soundcard and this midi interface working I'd like to use this to replace my analogue four
> track. I was thinking we could try to expand the 'examples' page on Kai's site to include other peoples
> methods. I'm sure everything I want to do has been done by somebody else, so it would be nice not to have
> to bother the list about it. Newcomers can get up and running more quickly.
That's a good idea. Only thing is that we've got slightly different
configurations and therefore each has developped tweaked commands to
deal with it.

> Anyway, TIA for the help. Ant.
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