Re: [ecasound] pyteca 0.0.1

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] pyteca 0.0.1
From: S. Massy (
Date: Tue Mar 27 2001 - 04:52:56 EEST


I've messed some more with pyteca and am now ready to give more
comments. First I must say that setting the debug level higher made it MUCH
more attractive to work with as I could now see what I was doing. :) I
settled for a debug level of fifteen and I suggest that it should be
the default in the sample config. (Note that knowing how to load the
sample config was quite an asset as well.) I've played around and I
was just astounded at how useful variables and aliases were (much
more than I'd imagined.) Give pyteca readline support and it will most
likely become my ecasound-interface-of-choice. :) What I'd like to be
able to do though is make the basic setup from the command line (as
with ecasound's IAM) it would make things quicker.

Two little things:
- In the sample conffile there's a line like:
"dynamic pos get_position" The underscore here must be replaced with a
dash for this variable to work as intended.
- I've found a strange bug, where "aio-add-output alsa,pcmname"
doesn't work. It works if you add a file like /dev/dsp but not with alsa
devices; and it's not ecasound related as the same command works fine
in IAM. So it's either pyteca or ECI related.

last note: It would be nice if ecasound returned the current debug
level instad of an error when no argument is given to "debug".

S. Massy

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