Re: [ecasound] pyteca 0.0.1

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] pyteca 0.0.1
From: janne halttunen (
Date: Thu Mar 22 2001 - 23:54:00 EET

> > ecasound, it would be nice to have the list of commands without having
> > to type them in yourself (for shortening or tab-completion). So, Kai,
> > how about 'get_commands' -method in ECI? (or is it frozen already?)
> No problem. ALSA 0.9.x isn't out, and there's some unresolved licensing
> problems with LADSPA, so 2.0 is still on hold. So I added 'int-cmd-list'
> right away. I also added couple of other 'int-*' cmds for finding out the
> parser version number and libtool versions. With this info, it should be
> easier to write ECI apps that work with different ecasound releases
> (possible to check what cmds are available, what specific version, etc).

    Thank you. This will help greatly.

> >> This said, It seems to be the first stone of what
> >> could be a damn good "shell" for ecasound, looking forward to see it
> > Yep, it's a milestone. Good if it sparked your interest.
> Definitely. Most things ecasound does are very easy to provide in
> pyteca. With minor adjustments (the default debug-level, readline
> support),

    Actually, readline should load if it's compiled to your python-distribution.

> using pyteca is just like using ecasound in interactive mode,
> but with the added bonus of command aliasing and other goodies.


> Janne, what to do think about adding pyecat to the main distribution at
> some point? Even if the old ecasound remains in the package (which is
> probably wise), pyecat would be useful to many, and also serve as a great
> example of extending ecasound and using the ECI API.

    That would be really nice, when pyteca is in such state it can be included. (hopefully soon :)
Probably the best place would be in the pyecasound -package?


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