Re: [ecasound] pyteca 0.0.1

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] pyteca 0.0.1
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Tue Mar 20 2001 - 23:12:03 EET

On Tue, 20 Mar 2001, janne halttunen wrote:

>> Well, the two biggest problems, to me, seem to be that you don't get
>> feedback for your commands
> That depends on the debug-level. You have to set up at least to 2
> to have even the 'help' command respond. I first hardcoded it, but
> then moved it to iam.conf file, which you can load:

The default debug-level in ecasound is 3 (bitmask of levels 'info' (1) and
'module flow' (2)). Check libecasound/eca-debug.h for detailed debug-level
info. You can use the 'debug' command for changing the level while in

> ecasound, it would be nice to have the list of commands without having
> to type them in yourself (for shortening or tab-completion). So, Kai,
> how about 'get_commands' -method in ECI? (or is it frozen already?)

No problem. ALSA 0.9.x isn't out, and there's some unresolved licensing
problems with LADSPA, so 2.0 is still on hold. So I added 'int-cmd-list'
right away. I also added couple of other 'int-*' cmds for finding out the
parser version number and libtool versions. With this info, it should be
easier to write ECI apps that work with different ecasound releases
(possible to check what cmds are available, what specific version, etc).

>> This said, It seems to be the first stone of what
>> could be a damn good "shell" for ecasound, looking forward to see it
> Yep, it's a milestone. Good if it sparked your interest.

Definitely. Most things ecasound does are very easy to provide in
pyteca. With minor adjustments (the default debug-level, readline
support), using pyteca is just like using ecasound in interactive mode,
but with the added bonus of command aliasing and other goodies.

Janne, what to do think about adding pyecat to the main distribution at
some point? Even if the old ecasound remains in the package (which is
probably wise), pyecat would be useful to many, and also serve as a great
example of extending ecasound and using the ECI API.

 Audio software for Linux!

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