Re: [ecasound] Synchro saga: some background

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Synchro saga: some background
From: Roy Cutler (
Date: Mon Mar 19 2001 - 02:48:53 EET

On Sunday 18 March 2001 18:31, you wrote:

Hi Teppo,

> I would try to do the recording without the -z:db parameter. For me,
> it never worked, but I'm running an older version of ecasound
> (v1.8.2r14), so maybe it's better with the newer versions.
I did try this in the beginning.

> Additionally, I would mute the line input monitor and copy the
> recorded input to the sound card output during recording like this:
> ecasound -b:256 -r -f:16,2,44100
> -a:1 -i drums.wav
> -a:2,3 -i /dev/dsp -a:2 -o guitar1.wav -a:1,3 -o:/dev/dsp
This was really helpful. I know that Kai mentioned it in the docs but for
some reason the coin didn't drop about the necessity of MUTING the line in so
my earlier attempts at this configuration were very strange sounding. When I
finally muted the line in, the delay became very apparent. It was like
playing with dulled reflexes, I'd strike the chords and then a microsecond
later it would come through the phones. (It's an electric guitar.) Using
hardware monitoring with the line unmuted (Kai's first mulitrack example),
the response it perfectly normal, and, of course, it's still passing through
the sound card. Does that suggest it's not hardware? I would be very happy to
put that variable to rest!

> This way you can hear right away, if the tracks drops out of sync.
> Also, make sure that you are running ecasound with super user rights,
> because otherwise the -r parameter won't do any good, AFAIK.
Yep, I am.

> Ofcourse, all the usual low-latency stuff applies, as well.
I think it's tweaked well thanks to Dave Philips article and the references
therein. The numbers from this IBM Deskstar look very good. Also, there
aren't any dropouts that I can detect. Before I tweaked it dropouts were very

> BTW, why do you wan't to specify the format like that? Isn't that the
> default?
It was in the examples and I'm a newbie. Once I looked at .ecasoundrc I
realized it was superfluous.

> Teppo

Thanks, Teppo.

Roy Cutler
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