[ecasound] A few wah presets

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Subject: [ecasound] A few wah presets
From: S. Massy (theanaloguekid@tak.net.dhis.org)
Date: Sat Mar 17 2001 - 03:50:50 EET


I messed around for a while and found a couple of good autowah presets. It's
basically just a lowpass filter moving up and down but it sounds quite nice.
I agree with what you're all thinking, auto-wahs are pretty lame for the most
part, but there can be times where they sound pretty good. Try these settings
with a few guitar chords (bridge pickup sounds best) and you'll agree with me.

# Results of spending an hour messing around.
# The is a classic auto-wah
aw = -efl:0 -kos:1,500,5500,%speed,0
# This is the same thing except it takes all important parameters from its
# command.
aw_custom = -efl:0 -kos:1,%low,%high,%speed,0
# Now the autowah again but with the triangular osc which gives a sharper
# movement. It really depends of what you're playing, can sound as good as it
# can sound bad. That's the joy of autowahs.
aw_tri = -efl:0 -kf:1,500,5500,%speed,1,0
# Now once again we define another version with more definable params.
aw_tri_custom = -efl:0 -kf:1,%low,%high,%speed,1,0
# Experimental stuff:
# I was trying to have a wah reacting to the volume, it doesn't work very
# well but I still end up with a "to dig up" envelope shaper.
aw_ksv = -eS:0 -efl:0 -ksv:1,1000,6000,0,1
# I thought I'd add this preset to give those having a midi foot controller
# to give it a try. I don't know how responsive it would be since I don't have
# midi gear myself but if it works it would make you a decent wah at a nice
# price.
man_wah = -efl:0 -km:1,%low,%high,%cont,%chan

Let me add, in the spirit of the pre-2.0 bug squashing party, that
there is a bug in embeded parameters; they only work if their preset
are in the main presets file (either in the system-wide or user
directory), if they belong to a preset in a file you've specified with
"-pf" the parameters default to zero no matter what value you tried to
pass on the command line.

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