[ecasound] Sanitizing the IAM?

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Subject: [ecasound] Sanitizing the IAM?
From: S. Massy (theanaloguekid@tak.net.dhis.org)
Date: Thu Mar 15 2001 - 08:28:21 EET


I've noticed there are quite a few incoherencies in the IAM commands
and I think it would be nice if they were eventually fixed as they
would make it more intuitive when using the IAM directly and more
elegant while using it through the ECI. For example, you have
cs/c/aio-selected but don't have cop/copp/ctrl-selected. At one level
you have set-position and setpos but at others you have only
setpos. Also, if setpos is a valid command it would seem logical to have
getpos as well. In a previous message someone was wondering if it
would be possible to bypass individual effects which led me to think
that a cop-bypass might be very useful indeed. I guess my point is
that the command names and syntax should stay the same within each
different concept (cs, c, cop, copp, ctrl, etc.) unless of course the
availability of a certain command does not make sense within a certain
concept (cop-setpos wouldn't really make sense). It might sound like
small things but, as I'm finding out more and more everyday,
ecasound's IAM is an extremely powerful tool and it could be made
even more powerful and user-efficient if it followed a certain
structured logic in its commands, the same holds true for the ECI
(which uses IAM commands anyway).

On a side note, there's a mistake in ecasound-iam's manpage, it refers
to commands such as cop-add-controller while they seem to have been
change to things like ctrl-add. BTW, there seems to be problems with
controllers as removing a controller automatically removes its target.

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