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Subject: Re: [ecasound] subject wishlist
From: S. Massy (
Date: Mon Mar 12 2001 - 18:50:23 EET

On Mon, 12 Mar 2001, Conrad-von-Soest-Gymnasium wrote:


> Hello all!
> First of all thanks for the help and the response last time I wrote. this time I've just a question or a proposal.
> It was just something I missed. Sometimes I would really like to have a distortion- or overdrive-effect. Especially for working with guitars or sometimes also for working with drums this is a nice effect.
It seems to be a request popping out quite often on this list; I personally
prefer to use my dist pedals because dist/OD are tricky effects
sometimes. Anyway, for OD's you might like to have a look at some ladspa
pluging: there's a link to Steve Harris' page there
where you'll find out an OD effect along with a lot of other exciting
plugins. Note that what people sometimes refer to as distortion is just
compression in fact (especially for drums), ecasound has two compressors
on its own (see manpage)
> Another nice and wellcome thing would be a kind of EQ.
> As for the EQ I have an idea, but I'm not really sure if I got the idea of the EQ right. I thought of a combination of bandpass-effects- and amplifier-effects. Then it's the programmer's choice either to take the normal bandpass- or the resonator-filter.
That's what an EQ is, the only difference is that normal EQs found on music
gear and stereos have predefined parameters, with ecasound you're the boss,
it's even better than a parametric EQ though it requires more efforts to set
up but, hey, freedom always comes at a certain cost!
(If you'd just like a simple EQ you'll find one in Steve Harris' plugins as well.)

> I think it would be something like this without having a special effect for this:
> ecasound -a:1,2,3 -i myfile.wav -a:1 -o 80-250.wav -eb:165,85 -ea:120 -a:2 -o 250-800.wav -eb:475,225 -ea:80 -a:3 -o 800-20000.wav -eb:10400,9600 -ea:200
As far as I can tell that's quite right. However I suggest using the effect
presets for that as it does the trick much more nicely; rewriting your example:
my_eq = -efb:165,85 -ea:120 | -efb:475,225 -ea:80 | -efb:10400,9600 -ea:200
(note that the only frequencies heard now will be the one you have allowed
to pass through, maybe you should add a high and lowpass filter to allow both
ends of the range to pass through unmolested)
> Is this idea of an EQ correct?
I believe so, I'm sure someone will correct me if I made a mistake. :)
> My kindest regards
> Julien

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