Re: [ecasound] Some little ideas

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Some little ideas
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Tue Mar 06 2001 - 12:50:38 EET

On Tue, 27 Feb 2001, S. Massy wrote:

> of the longest object to use it as parameter to -t. Couldn't looping
> default to the actual length of the whole processing when no -t is
> given?

Possible, but not entirely straightforward. This affects the core engine
code, and I wouldn't like to touch it before 2.0 is released. But I'll put
it on my todo-list.

> Command aliasing :: A bit of work in interactive mode with ecasound
> them do. So I've thought maybe an "alias" command would be a good
> thing for ecasound's interactive mode, here's why:
> Variables :: Another thing that can be awkward sometimes while using
> ecasound's interactive mode is the handling of numbers. For example,

This is a good idea. There're couple of things worth considering. First,
how to implement it. As Janne already mentioned, it might be easier to add
these new features with python (or some other higher level language).

Another important thing is keeping the core engine as compact as possible.
In other words, it would be best to implement these added services as a
new layer, which would only be active when using ecasound as a _user_
interface. I don't think we should slow down ECI apps or other apps using
libecasound by adding aliasing, etc... Even if we could avoid the
slowdown, we'd still risk introducing new complexity and/or bugs (although
bugs are good ;)).

Anyway, this is an interesting problem. One solution would be to add the
aliasing functionality to the ecasound console app, ie. not to

> Sourcing in preset files :: Sourcing other preset files from within
> the main presets, something like:

This is, too, an interesting idea. I've taken the easy route in 1.9dev4
(will be released today or tomorrow) and added a separate
"user-resource-directory" to ~/.ecasoundrc. This doesn't replace sourcing,
but was quite simple to add, and resolved some of the issues...:

> -- The stock preset file (/usr/local/share/ecasound/effect_presets) is
> overwritten when upgrading between releases so that any
> customizations are lost. With this, one would be allowed to maintain

This is handled.

> -- Where a user cannot (or don't want to) be login as root but still
> want to use both the stock preset file and a homemade preset
> file. They would specify their own preset file as the main one in


> -- Where someone would have grown a very large preset file and would
> like to modularize it: put all the filter presets in one file and all
> the timebased effects in another for example.

This is still a problem. Oh well, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. :)

I'll attach a clip from ecasoundrc(5) describing the new define:

        Directory for user-specific ecasound configuration files. If this
        directory exists, ecasound will search for filenames assigned
        to global resources (specified with resource-file-*).
        Defaults to ~/ecasound-config.

So you create ~/ecasound-config directory, and then create the files
'effect_presets' and 'generic_oscillators'. If there are duplicate
definitions, user-specific presets take precedence.

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