Re: [ecasound] newbie in need for help!

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] newbie in need for help!
From: Marco Ciampa (
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 12:17:18 EET

Marco Ciampa wrote:
> Marco Ciampa wrote:
> >
> > I've go two wav files that I wish to listen to in a
> > (1)random order,
> > (2)starting from a random point in time,
> > (3)at a random startpoint (in the audio file)
> > (4)and with a random end (less that the lenght of the audio file(s))
> > the first 3 points, no problem, but the point 4 makes me truble...
> > When I try to do a command like this:
> > ecasound -a:1 -i:1.ewf -a:2 -i:2.ewf -a:all -o /dev/dsp
> >
> > with in 1.ewf and 2.ewf respectively
> >
> > source = 1.wav
> > start-position = 8.000000
> > offset = 5.000000
> > length = 2
> >
> > and
> >
> > source = 2.wav
> > start-position = 000000
> > offset = 000000
> > length = 20
> >
> > the result is a segfault at the end of the 1.ewf
> >
> > What is wrong?
> I'm aswering myselft (thanks to me :-)
> length MUST BE = start-position + offset
> Could someone ask me the rest?
gosh! I was wrong! offset MUST BE >= start-position
Ok. Problem: I have a sample quite large from wich I want to play a
little piece in the middle of it mixed with others chains in the
starting position of my play. How can i do it?
I thinked to shift all the chain's offset but now I need to start
ecasound at a given position for all the chains and I do not see any
command line switch to do it. I see the general time limit command (-t)
but not the global start...
For the fading (ghosh^2) I'm telling myself RTFM all the time...
from man ecasound...
              Linear envelope that starts from 'start_value' and
              linearly changes to 'end_value' during
              'time_in_seconds'. Can be used for fadeins and
              sec,2nd- stage-length-sec
              Two-stage linear envelope, a more versatile tool
              for doing fade-ins and fade-outs. Stays at
              'start_value' for '1st_stage_length' seconds and
              then linearly changes towards 'end_value' during
              '2nd_stage_length' seconds.
so problem solved...
sorry for the noise on this list...


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