[ecasound] ecasound versus ecatools and more

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Subject: [ecasound] ecasound versus ecatools and more
From: Conrad-von-Soest-Gymnasium (conrad-von-soest-gymnasium@t-online.de)
Date: Fri Feb 23 2001 - 12:42:11 EET

Hi all!
 First of all, Kai I didn't use the ecatools a lot, instead I love
more t=
o work with ecasound directly. Sometimjes I used the normalizer
for I fou=
nd no better way to figure out a max-amplitude of a file and in
the same =
way amplify it. But I think this should now also work with
ecasound. I'm =
just disabled from using linux, because my system is down, but I
think th=
e returning of values by the different commands and passing this
results =
to other commands and operators should make it possible. In
general there=
 are lots of small commandline-tools for editing sound so ecasound
 is - as I think - a very good solution for working with sounds. I
often =
searched for such multipurpose-tools under linux.
  Then there is still my old worry about synchronizing tracks. The
last t=
ime I had access to ecasound I installed version 1.8.5d15 on a
friends co=
mputer. We worked a lot with it and he is still figuring out all
the task=
s ecasound can do. But I didn't see a way to record a track and
then anot=
her and afterwards put them together in the way I would like to.
The ques=
tion is is there a feature implemented which makes it possible to
start l=
ooking for input, but just begin recording to a file when there is
an out=
put-amplitude above a specified volume. I think we taked about it
the las=
t year. Maybe one could connect a noise-gates output to the
starting comm=
and. Does the noise-gate have the capability to output values as
well as =
some other operators. If so one could probably create a condition
 the thresh-hold-level and the recording of audio-data to a file
or at le=
ast setting a mark at the point where the gate opens. another
, which should work as well is to create a function, which can cut
e from beginning of a track.
  Another question that thrilled me for a long time is: could
there be a =
way to implement something like ecawave in console-mode? That is
just a q=
uestion, but I would be glad if you could think about this. Maybe
you cou=
ld just resume the main-functionality of ecawave, so that I can
think abo=
ut a way to display it. I think the real working sutff is just
existing, =
but the displaying it in console-mode is a porblem. Unfortunately
 use any gui!
  A last small problem we had in handling .ewf-files with
1.8.5d15. This =
was installed on a suse 7.0 linux system working on a laptop with
a prope=
rly installed alsa 0.5.8b I think. I tried the following first:
ecasound -i test1.wav -o my.ewf
That didn't work.
Then I wrote I small .ewf-file on my own. I just wanted to start a
file a=
t a specific offset. I first divided a wave in two parts and then
edited =
the first part. Then I tried to get them together again. At last I
ted them to raw and connected them with cat, but that is not the
way I wa=
nted it to be.
  Please can anyone of you give me some answers to my questions?

Kindest regards

P.S.: I'm just writing from outside the list, but I'm in, so I
don't need=
 a copy to this address!

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