[ecasound] ecasound 1.9dev1 released

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Subject: [ecasound] ecasound 1.9dev1 released
From: Kai Vehmanen (k@eca.cx)
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 11:23:26 EET

Ok, so I'm impatient. :) I decided roll out the next development release
right away - 1.9dev1 - yup, using the new versioning scheme. This version
contains lots of fixes. Hopefully we'll get the real 1.9 release out some
time this month. So keep those bug reports coming.

PS Verified to work with qtecasound 0.2.1 and ecawave 0.3.3, both
   source- and binary-wise.
PPS Tagged the ecasound CVS-tree with 'v1_9dev1'.

07022001 (v1.9dev1)
        - notice: new version numbering scheme
        - added: eiam-cmds; set-position, get-position, get-length,
                 cs-connected, cs-selected, engine-status,
                 aio-get-position, aio-get-length, aio-selected,
                 ctrl-select, ctrl-remove, cop-select, copp-select,
                 copp-set, copp-get, c-list, cs-list
        - added: eiam command return type documentation to
                  ecasound-iam man page
        - added: ecasound detects all eiam return types and
                 automatically prints their values after commands
                 are issued
        - added: example code (under ./examples) - ecidoc_example.c,
                 ecidoc_example.cpp, ecidoc_example.py, normalize.py
        - added: -kog - a new generic oscillator
        - added: lots of new documentation - check the examples page,
                 user's guide and the ecasound faq
        - added: better handling of output error conditions (out of
                 disk space, etc)
        - added: -eS - audio stamper
        - added: -ksv - control source that analyzes audio stamp
                   volume statistics and creates control data from
                 the results
        - added: -z:nodb - disable double-buffering
        - removed: eiam-cmds; u, a, cstatus, l, fstatus, estatus
        - changed: -kf - 'mode' parameter added
        - changed: format of the file 'generic_oscillators'
        - changed: ECI - last_list_of_strings() to last_string_list()
        - changed: the way gate operators work; instead of muting
                   the chain, they now truncate the passing buffers -
                   in future, amplify+controller (-ea + -k)
                   combinations can be used in the same manner as the
                   old gate operators
        - changed: 'ecasound-config --flags' now prints includedir
                   instead of includedir/ecasound
        - changed: updated ALSA 0.6.x support to match CVS-20010122
        - changed: a better implementation of MIDI i/o routines
        - fixed: "-x -i file.ext" style cmd-line arg sequences weren't
                parsed correctly [jhall]
        - fixed: ECI - command_float_arg() was broken (all languages)
        - fixed: when exiting console-mode ecasound with "quit",
                 ecasound object weren't properly destructed causing
                 all kinds of weird behavious (especially with wav-
                 files) - [smassy]
        - fixed: more FreeBSD 4.x related fixes [beaupran]
        - fixed: ogg vorbis output fixes [nolan_d]
        - fixed: gcc 2.96 (RH7.0) related fixes [swharris]
        - fixed: ewf-file parsing not working [smorris]

 . http://www.eca.cx ... [ audio software for linux ] /\ .
 . http://www.eca.cx/aivastus ... [ aivastus net radio ] /\ .

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