[ecasound] small utils under planning

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Subject: [ecasound] small utils under planning
From: Kai Vehmanen (k@eca.cx)
Date: Wed Feb 07 2001 - 06:23:36 EET

When comparing the various ecasound based utils and user-interfaces, it
seems that the small, well targeted utils have a much better
time-spent/usefulness ratio. This of course nicely matches the good old
free software agenda: small useful utils, which can easily be used as
parts of a more complex software package.

This becomes particularly real when we compare qtecasound and ecawave.
Although quite an old app, qtecasound hasn't advanced very far. Every time
I think about its design and possible new features, I get overwhelmed by
the work I would need to do to write a proper generic GUI frontend. On the
other hand, ecawave has an amazing time-spent/effort ratio. It only has
the basic editing features, but still, with same amount of code as in
qtecasound, ecawave is useful for real work, now.

How do you feel about these? Have these little utils like 'ecaconvert',
'ecasignalview', etc been of use to you?

My plan is to continue concentrating on use-case specific utils. First in
line are:

- GUI-based realtime effect processor
        - simple one-window app which reads from /dev/dsp,
          does some effect processing and outputs to /dev/dsp
        - "guitar effect box" concept;
        - best name candidate so far: "ecamegapedal" :)
        - should be easy to implement: just take the
          effects dialog from ecawave .. that's about it, all
          the hard work is already done
        - package: qtecasound
- GUI-based equivalent to 'ecasignalview'
        - 'qtsignalview'
        - package: qtecasound
- GUI-based preset editor
        - for creating effects presets -> .ecp files
- ecasound-based MixMagic clone
        - package: perhaps separately a'la ecawave
        - name: ecamegamixdown (just joking ;))
- MIDI i/o monitor
        - ncurses-based utils for monitoring and interpreting
        - code for MIDI parsing will be added to libecasound,
          so why not use it
        - package: ecatools
- etc, etc, ...

More ideas, volunteers, etc...? The above utils/apps don't necessarily
have to be part of any existing ecasound package, and neither have to
be written in C++ (that's why we have ECI!).

 . http://www.eca.cx ... [ audio software for linux ] /\ . 
 . http://www.eca.cx/sculpscape [ my armchair-tunes mp3/ra/wav ]

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