Re: [ecasound] pyeca, ECI: c-list (another bugreport)

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] pyeca, ECI: c-list (another bugreport)
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 23:40:50 EET

On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, janne halttunen wrote:

> Actually, I've been really busy with my day-job involving sitting in
> front of a computer typing code, so I've had really hard time trying
> to do so at home. (excuses, excuses)

You'll get use to it. :) I've had part-time jobs involving coding and misc
Linux-stuff for some years now, and it hasn't really slowed down ecasound
development. Of course, sometimes (like the last month for me) you don't
really feel like coding at all, but that's normal (well at least for me).
After a while, you are back to work, writing huge amounts of code in just
a few days. This is a luxury you don't have when doing paid work. Sure
commercial work is just as fun at times, but you still have to hang around
the office even though you don't get any work done. :)

Oh well, just to encourage all you almost-contributing-to-ecasound guys on
the list. ;) It's just that many think that participating in free-software
projects demands lots and lots of time and effort. My personal opinion is
that you can do miracles by just spending a few hours a week. The trick is
that you can spend those few hours when you're inspired, and are really
enjoying the work.

My second advice for free-sw developers: don't do anything that is not
fun! Might sound a bit naive, but believe me, this approach is best for
everyone involved (developers, end-users, the free-sw community as a
whole). I've seen too many free-sw projects slowly die off, because the
developers tried to run the project with a commercial attitude. Sure the
short term results are promising, but motivation is easily lost in
these projects.

>> So it appears to work (both with and without the extra
>> e.last_string() call.
> Yes it does. How do I know which command output can be read with
> which ECI method? (is there a list somewhere?)

Check ecasound-iam(5) man page. Although the docs haven't been updated
for a while, it's still best to check the latest version from
the CVS-tree. Quoting the man page...

Currently supported return value types
are: strings [s], list of strings [S], integers [i], long
integers [li] and floating-point numbers [f]. These defi-
nitions are used throughout this document.

All commands returning a value are marked with one of the above. Hmm, it
might be good to add '[-]' to all commands not returning anything.

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