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Subject: Re: [ecasound] ecawave
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 22:17:11 EET

On Thu, 11 Jan 2001, Junichi Uekawa wrote:

>> hands. Now that we have zillion distros doing things slightly differently,
>> Redhat releasing devel gcc versions, etc, etc, it's becoming really
>> difficult to manage package distribution issues. Uhm, it's clear more work
> It helps if we have much cleaner without hacks,
> so that it can do its job. (but if they are not up to it, then we've
> gotta work with hacks, yes).

Actually the autoconf/automake/libtool stuff works quite well. There's
some old cruft in the files, but mostly just standard automake
stuff. I've tried very hard to stay away from auto* hacks, because it's
_really_ hard to verify that your modifications work on different

Most problematic things are 3rd-party (and system) software file locations
and version numbers. Something like "where's qt installed?", "is DEF_XXX
declared in sys/types.h?", "does the c++ compiler have full support for
exceptions?", "how to configure thread support?", etc? Investigating these
issues takes a _lot_ of time. In most cases, I just write something that
works on my machines and wait for the error reports. Doesn't sound really
user-friendly, I know. :( I really hope Linux and other UNIX standarding
efforts (LSB et al) can keep this thing together. As number of distros and
platforms (Linux, *BSD, Hurd, commercial vendors; x86, ppc, alpha, blaa,
blaa) it's an impossible task for an average free-software developer to
keep up with all developments.

> BTW, I realized that your version of seems to have typos.
> I remade them with my automake/autoconf, and the resulting
> - cp -pr $$/$$file $(distdir)/$$file; \
> + cp -pr $$d/$$file $(distdir)/$$file; \
> autoconf 2.13
> automake 1.4
> with Debian patches...

This is a good example of the general distribution related
difficulties. I'm also using 2.13 + 1.4, but without the patches. I
chose these versions as they are used in redhat 6.x, and are thus quite
common. Oh well, luckily this bug only affects the "distdir" target, so
shouldn't bother normal users.

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