Re: [ecasound] Cutting long Live tracks into cdr pieces

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Cutting long Live tracks into cdr pieces
From: Jeremy Hall (
Date: Mon Dec 25 2000 - 15:48:16 EET

well, you've found the best way imho.


I was trying to work a project and ran into less than a few adventures. I
had vocals, a LONG musical interlude, then more vocals again. Ecasound
can't edit with practical purposes, there is no previewing techniques, no
way to punch in and out of the music, and with raw files, setpos and
c-setpos don't do anything. (output)

so: here's some practical observations I have observed.

1: One might not want the same set of chainops and parameters through the
whole track, so one needs a way to change them at the right time

2: One may wish to mute tracks until they are needed, for example, a
chatty vocal track so real-time processing is necessary for final mixdown

3: ecasound diminishes amplitude upon adding more tracks, so once things
are mixed properly, one usually needs to normalize the output. This is
usually possible only as the last step of a mixdown before cropping.

4: short tracks are DEATH TO ONE'S EARS! A short track will place LOUD
noises in place of silence if the track is finished before the rest of
them are finished. To hear this lovely effect,

ecasound -i null -o /dev/dsp

5: need a way to print positions in sectors, because what I REALLY want to
do when I use my dd constructions are:

For the beginning of a track where silence procedes it, tell me what
sector is the offset from the beginning of the track that begins the
noise, to crop the beginning off of it

If not silence, be able to tell me the track offset where I am, so I can
manually approximate the track start.

Now, I have a program that reads a file like this, the format is:

t1.raw tr1.raw 1000 0

This will seek through t1.raw, skip 0 blocks, and write 1000 blocks
(sectors) to tr1.raw

I need a way to shorten the cd making process, for now I need to guess
where the sectors need to be and then come up with the offset numbers

I need to write the output to a loop device, then route the output of the
loop device both to a track file and to /dev/dsp (two chains) so this
means if I need to perform some effect action, I have to do it both to the
track chain and to /dev/dsp chain so I can hear what is going on. This is
a little clumsy at best.

I suppose Kai's response to some of this is going to be

Write your own editing software

to which I say


Merry Christmas to all.


In the new year, Frank Meurer wrote:
> Hello,
> what is the best method to cut a long live recording (700MB) into .cdr
> pieces (tracks for audio-CD)?
> Currently I'm using ecasound, "dd bs=2352 skip=... count=..." and "bc"...
> I guess that any other suggestion will be better. ;-)
> I tried ecawave but I encountered two problems:
> 1) ecawave works on time basis not with multiples of 2352 bytes
> 2) working with my long recording ecawave doesn't show any graphical
> representation of the audio data, with half of the size (350MB) it works.
> BTW I detected a segfault when I wrote "-O" instead of "-o" as option to
> ecasound:
> $ ecasound 13_Heuschnupfenkokser.cdr -O 13_Heuschnupfenkokser.wav
> ****************************************************************************
> * ecasound v1.8.5d15 (C) 1997-2000 Kai Vehmanen
> *
> ****************************************************************************
> Segmentation fault
> $ uname -a
> Linux 2.2.13-03 #22 Tue Nov 9 15:46:50 CET 1999 i586 unknown
> $ rpm -qa|grep eca
> ecawave-0.3.3d3-1mdk
> ecasound-devel-1.8.5d15-4mdk
> qtecasound-0.1.2d1-1mdk
> ecasound-1.8.5d15-4mdk
> The installed RPM-packages are self-built, the spec-files are "merger" of
> Kai's original specs and the Linux Mandrake default specs with light
> modifications (espacially patches for "qt2" but "qt").
> Are you interested in the specs and the patches, Kai?
> Merry XMas to all!
> Frank
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