[ecasound] Cutting long Live tracks into cdr pieces

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Subject: [ecasound] Cutting long Live tracks into cdr pieces
From: Frank Meurer (Frank.Meurer@gmd.de)
Date: Mon Dec 25 2000 - 14:08:59 EET


what is the best method to cut a long live recording (700MB) into .cdr
pieces (tracks for audio-CD)?
Currently I'm using ecasound, "dd bs=2352 skip=... count=..." and "bc"...
I guess that any other suggestion will be better. ;-)

I tried ecawave but I encountered two problems:
1) ecawave works on time basis not with multiples of 2352 bytes
2) working with my long recording ecawave doesn't show any graphical
representation of the audio data, with half of the size (350MB) it works.

BTW I detected a segfault when I wrote "-O" instead of "-o" as option to

$ ecasound 13_Heuschnupfenkokser.cdr -O 13_Heuschnupfenkokser.wav
* ecasound v1.8.5d15 (C) 1997-2000 Kai Vehmanen
Segmentation fault
$ uname -a
Linux obelix.vpn-meurer.de 2.2.13-03 #22 Tue Nov 9 15:46:50 CET 1999 i586 unknown
$ rpm -qa|grep eca

The installed RPM-packages are self-built, the spec-files are "merger" of
Kai's original specs and the Linux Mandrake default specs with light
modifications (espacially patches for "qt2" but "qt").
Are you interested in the specs and the patches, Kai?

Merry XMas to all!

"It really is coming down to just Apple and IBM. If, for some reason, we
make some giant mistake and IBM wins, my personal feeling is that we are
going to enter sort of a computer Dark Ages for about 20 years."
Steve Jobs, Playboy February 1985

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