Re: [ecasound] Porting ecasound to FreeBSD 4.2 (take 2)

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Porting ecasound to FreeBSD 4.2 (take 2)
From: Antoine Beaupre (LMC) (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 18:10:16 EET

Before anything, please note that I have now successfully compiled
ecasound-1.8.5d15 and installed its libraries on FreeBSD 4.2.


I will send patches here ASAP (that would probably be tomorrow night or
friday, EST, that is).

Quite a few things were fixed, but I *still* cannot compile
ecawave-0.3.3 out of the box. I *can* however link programs properly
with -lecasound, by putting a -L/usr/local/lib/ line on the
command-line. However, autoconf doesn't seem to get that so I can't use

I'll send a proper mail describing this later on.

For now, read on...

> On Mon, 18 Dec 2000, Anarcat wrote:

> > I could also be nice to have some kind of reference there on all the
> > commands documented in the man pages. Even if it's just a small
> > listing.
> You mean online help in the interactive-mode? There's already
> ecasound(5) and ecasound-iam(5) man pages available. I keep those always
> up-to-date, so they are a good reference. But you can't access directly from
> interactive mode.

And that's the whole problem. There *is* a help available from
interactive mode, but it's misleading, because it lists available
commands, *without listing them all*. At first sight in interactive
mode, one might think ecasound quite limited. :)

[...debug stuff, will try this at home...]

> > In the file libecasound/eca-object-map.cpp:23 , the #include
> <regex.h>
> > directive is used without the necessary #include <sys/types.h>. (man
> > regex(3):
> Ok, regex(3) page on my machine doesn't mention anything about
> types.h, but checking the header file itself makes this clear... "POSIX says
> that <sys/types.h> must be included (by the caller) before <regex.h>.". Ok,
> fixed.

> > Problem 2 (linking, again):
> [...]
> > c++ -shared ecasoundc.lo -lecasound -L../kvutils/.libs -lkvutils
> -lhistory -lreadline -lc_r -lm -lc -Wl,-soname -Wl,
> -o .libs/
> > /usr/libexec/elf/ld: cannot find -lecasound]
> This is a bug (not at all freebsd-specific). libecasoundc (C impl. of
> the ECI API) has to be linked against libecasound (the main C++ library),
> but the problem is that on a clean machine, no version of libecasound is
> yet installed.

Let me now expressed a big "ah-ah! I knew it!". :) It really seemed to
be something wrong there. :)



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