Re: [ecasound] custom osc not global ?

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] custom osc not global ?
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 01:45:12 EET

On Sun, 10 Dec 2000, xavier moulet wrote:

> BTW, I'm quite new to ecalist, you said that feature has already
> appeared in CVS, but I doesn't really know ... what do you need to
> make it official & release it ? I would like to be of some help,

The generic oscillator code itself is ready for use, but I prefer to do
tar-ball releases only a few times a month - even if just for developers.
Currently ecasound's development concentrates around the CVS-tree. That's
where the day-to-day development happens. I try to always keep the CVS
in a sane state (ie. compiles and basic functions work ok).

Development releases are just about as stable as the CVS-tree, but making
these releases means a bit of extra hassle for me. I make the tar-gz and
rpm packages (ecasound, qtecasound, ecawave - it seems to be the best to
policy to release them all if at all possible). I test them on my own
machines, update the web pages, and post a note to this list. Now I don't
spend much time for doing these releases, but nevertheless, it's still
time away from doing actual development. Even uploading the packages to
the web server takes quite a bit of time (3-5MB of packages; about 20
minutes with my 33600 modem). So using CVS is much easier for me.

When all development goals (for the series) have been reached, and
ecasound has reached a fairly stable state, then it's time for a
public stable release. These don't happen that many times a year.

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