[ecasound] ecasound 1.8.5d15 released

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Subject: [ecasound] ecasound 1.8.5d15 released
From: Kai Vehmanen (k@eca.cx)
Date: Thu Dec 07 2000 - 11:09:15 EET

Ok, I just released new devel releases of ecasound, qtecasound and
ecawave. Rpms and tar-gzs are available at http://www.eca.cx ...
Here's a LAD-tailored changelog:

1. double-buffering

This is the first release that includes the rewrintten double-buffering
layering. A multi-threaded, lock-free buffering layering can be used for
all audio input/output. Initial results have been promising, but more
testing is needed. The basic syntax is:

 ecasound -i:some.mp3 -o:/dev/dsp -r -z:db
 ecasound -i:some.mp3 -o:/dev/dsp -r:50 -z:db,100000

... these do the same thing. The latter one just demonstrates how to
modify the SCHED_FIFO static priority (defaults to 50), and db-size
(defaults to 100000 sample frame per object).

2. LADSPA hints

I've now changed ecasound's effect parameter descriptions so that they
easily map to and from LADSPA hints. Currently at least ecawave takes
advantage of this by showing the corrent lower and upper bounds for all

3. ECI - the Ecasound Control Interface

If you have already forgotten, read my earlier LAD post -
http://eca.cx/lad/2000/Nov/0409.html . Initial implementations
are now ready for all three languages (C++, C and Python).
Here's some links...:


4. Ecasignalview

This is a small, ncurses based app for monitoring signal level. Includes
peak statistics, a crude VU-meter emulator, support for n-channels,
monitoring from dsp->dsp, dsp->soundcard, etc ... comes with the main
ecasound package. See 'man ecatools' once you've installed ecasound.

5. ALSA 0.6.x support

Once again, updated to match the latest ALSA CVS-tree. As far
as I know, should work with all ALSA-supported cards (multichannel,
interleaved, non-interleaved, upto 32bit, and so on).

 . http://www.eca.cx ... [ audio software for linux ] /\ . 
 . http://www.eca.cx/sculpscape [ my armchair-tunes mp3/ra/wav ]

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