[ecasound] Wishlist item: YIFF

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Subject: [ecasound] Wishlist item: YIFF
From: Mario Lang (mlang@home.delysid.org)
Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 12:03:19 EET


Just found YIFF, the Y Sound Server and thought
that it would be great if ecasound could support it
as input/output methods. Is this possible Kai. The API
looks quite simple, I dont know how hard it could get to implement
a new aio-method.

Secondly, I'd like to ask a technical question:
I'd like to try my hands at writing a simple tracker in
any high-level env. likee Emacs or so. Could I use
ecasound as multichannel mixer app for mixing all samples
together, or does this go out of scope of ecasound.
My understanding is that a chain can only hav e on aio object
attached at input and output. What I'd need is something like:
ecasound -a:ch1 -i /dev/null
                -o /dev/dsp

where samp is a kind of effect which reads in the aio-object (.wav,.mp3...),
sets resampling rate to param2, sets position in chain to param3
and length of sample to param4.

This could be very nice for other things too as you
could place some samples at arbitrary possitions very easy.

And, a tracker app using ecasound as backend could benefit
from all cops like effects and LADSPA plugins for different channels (chains).

   Mario <mlang@delysid.org>
Homepage(s): http://delysid.org | http://piss.at/

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