Re: [ecasound] need suggestions on midi

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] need suggestions on midi
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Sun Dec 03 2000 - 21:42:02 EET

On Sat, 2 Dec 2000, Jeremy Hall wrote:

> There exists a synch problem if starting the Korg and ecasound
> manually. One must control the other, otherwise synch will be lost.
> If you have any ideas on how to make ecasound control the korg, or the
> korg control ecasound, please let me know.

Ah, this is like a list of requirement for the "MIDI-subsystem rewrite"
listed as the primary item on the ecasound 1.9.x todo-list. First step is
to support multiple MIDI-devices, next to support simple MTC (start, stop,
continue to/from MIDI-devices), and then, MIDI time code (probably only
from ecasound to a MIDI device).

But, but, I have no idea when I get to start the rewrite, and even less
idea about how long the rewrite will take. My problem currently is that I
have lots of time to think about possible new features and how they would
be implemented (I have lots of boring lectures to attend to ;)), but I
have very little time to sit on front of my computer and actually write
the code. So the result is that I bombard this list all the time with new
ideas, but very little real work gets done. Hopefully things like LADSPA
and ECI will make ecasound more easily extendable, so ecasound can go on
getting better independently from my hurries.

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