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Subject: Re: [ecasound] [linux-audio-dev] New "plugin" (fwd)
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Sun Dec 03 2000 - 17:37:17 EET

On Sat, 2 Dec 2000, S. Massy wrote:

>>hermes = -el:hermesFilter,3,0,0.27,1,100,1,40,1,1.5,1,2,-4,-4,-50,\
> I'm sorry, but does this work for you? I tried it and only got garbage
> out. I tried it both, in real time and processing from file to file,
> neither worked. What sort of wave did you feed in?

Hmm, when trying out new effects, I usually try drumloops first. Human
voice is also good material for effects (it's easier to notice what
is being altered). One problem with Hermes is that it really sounds
strange. It models an old Swiss analog synth, so don't expect to get
digital clarity. :)

But, but, have you tried with applyplugin (that comes with LADSPA
toolkit)? By doing this, you can make sure that ecasound is working
properly. Another thing to try is to tweak the parameters. For instance,
set the last three parameters to zero. Another set of useful parameters is
the waveform selectors...

> LADSPA plugins seem very interesting, their descriptions at least fill
> me with excitement at the thought of trying them: maybe I wouldn't
> need such an extensive effects rack if some of these "dreams" came
> true. But every time, I find the plugins almost impossible to

Hmm, don't no about you, but I wouldn't give up my rack gear, no matter
how good effects I have on the computer. It's just so different. Btw;
what do you think about the "imitate-hardware-as-closely-as-possible"
approach that seems so dominant in the mac/win audio world. Here's
a very good example, Propellerheads' Reason:

Now to be honest, I couldn't picture myself working with this kind of
computer-sw. What do you think?

> use. There are a lot of parameters and they are, IMHO, very poorly
> documented. As I see it, your only reference is the descriptions and
> number ranges given with analyzeplugin, is that right? I've found no
> other docs apart from the one explaining how to write ladspa plugins,
> is there something I haven't seen? As it is, the only worthy source of

Well, that's about it really. And for most plugins, the parameter
descriptions are enough, but of course for the more complex plugins,
documentation would help. But you must remember, that we are not talking
about commercial plugins here. Like with free-sw apps, authors tend to be
lazy doc writers. But this isn't necessarily bad, as you also have the
same benefits as with free-sw. For instance, if you spend lots of time
studying some LADSPA plugin, you could sum up your experiences and
write a short document yourself. When more people do this, we'd have
more and more docs available. Making some good presets (based on the
plugins) is another way to share your knowledge.

And of course, a very big plus for LADSPA plugins, you can contact
the author yourself! He'll probably be glad to answer your

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