[ecasound] need suggestions on midi

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Subject: [ecasound] need suggestions on midi
From: Jeremy Hall (jhall@uu.net)
Date: Sun Dec 03 2000 - 00:49:00 EET


I'm relatively certain this is the correct flock of people to talk to
about this, if not, press d.

I've been asked to transpose a song and remove the lyrics. This simple
request has turned into the following:


must use linux only, no windows

must use alsa-0.6

must NOT require a GUI (ncurses is acceptable)

must NOT require GTK or X

Since the song is free form and timing is not constant, it is best to
capture the song in the original key, then transpose, preserving the
timing in the process.

Use the Korg o1w's built-in sequencer to sequence each track

Transpose all but drum track into the new key

export midi instructions on a per-track basis

play back the midi instructions using program mode (not sequencer) and
capture one track at a time

merge all tracks together for the final product

how to do this:

begin by causing ecasound to play the monitor track while capturing the
new tracks, one at a time. Also, envoke the Korg sequencer to record each

Now we have something sequenced that is supposed to match the original, so
discard the original track.

From within the Korg, transpose each track to the new key

export each track:

How do I do this?

import each track: how do I do this?


There exists a synch problem if starting the Korg and ecasound
manually. One must control the other, otherwise synch will be lost.

If you have any ideas on how to make ecasound control the korg, or the
korg control ecasound, please let me know.

Likewise, if you have ideas on how to export then import the midi
information, please let me know. The midi step is necessary because of
the limited effect processing of the Korg.

Thanks in advance,


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