[ecasound] New double-buffering: report after a quick try

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Subject: [ecasound] New double-buffering: report after a quick try
From: S. Massy (theanaloguekid@tak.net.dhis.org)
Date: Mon Nov 20 2000 - 22:27:13 EET


I updated my source tree and gave a try to the new double-buffering
system, here is how it behaved on my system:
First I must say that all testing was rendered painful by the fact
that every time ecasound would exit (after underruns or with the quit
command) all output was frozen: that is although I could type commands
they would no longer be displayed, and I had to exit and relogin each
Over all it acted in a rather unstable manner, sometimes stopping in
the middle of playback for apparently no reason: looking to the file
position (with the fs command) showed me that ecasound really thought
that it was arrived at the end of the file. I did all my testing using
a 16 bits stereo wave file, playing mainly with the buffersize
(-b). /dev/dsp was very severely affected and, while it was stable
enough to give some playback with a buffersize of 1024, it was
basically impossible to get anything to play for more than 2 seconds
once I had lowered the buffersize to 256. Things were much better with
ALSA native device and, apart from the inconsistencies mentioned
above, I was little plagued with underrun failures (compared to
/dev/dsp), even with low buffersize. Oh, one more thing, commands to
move around in the files, such as fw, rw and setpos, yielded VERY
strange results, not the ones expected at any rate.

- My kernel version is 2.2.17 (If I remember well I have not applied the
low latency patches this time)
- There are two IDE drives in there (which I tuned with hdparm)
- My CPU is a Pentium II (266MHz)
- And my sound hardware is managed by ALSA 0.5.9D

I hope this helps somewhat,
S. Massy

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