[ecasound] development release: 1.8.4d15

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Subject: [ecasound] development release: 1.8.4d15
From: Kai Vehmanen (k@eca.cx)
Date: Tue Nov 07 2000 - 23:06:33 EET

As lots has happened since last dev release, it's about to get the next
one out. Btw; to decrypt the author names ([xxx]), check the README
file. Btw2; ALSA 0.6.x is update to match todays (=tuesday) ALSA CVS-tree.

Packages available at http://www.wakkanet.fi/~kaiv/ecasound/download.html
and http://ecasound.seul.org/download ... CVS-tree is also up-to-date.

Changes since last dev-release:

07112000 (v1.8.4d15)
        - added: pulse gate (-eemp); can be used to generate a
                 metronome signal [rcs]
        - added: support for preset parameters - see file
                 'effect_presets' for examples [artham]
        - added: support for MIDI files using Timidity++
        - added: input and output of Ogg Vorbis files (.ogg) using
                 ogg123 and vorbize
        - added: version control to internal plugins; when compiling,
                 libecasound libtool interface number is stored to
                 the plugin object files
        - added: updates and additions to ecasound programmer's guide
        - added: support for noninterleaved streams to ALSA 0.6.x plugin
        - added: 4th parameter to -f, 'i' (default) indicates interleaved
                 stream format while 'n' refers to noninterleaved
        - added: -D option; prints debug messages to stderr
        - removed: -m:mthreaded and -z:db (obsolete)
        - changed: tries to load all internal plugins even if some
                   plugins were disabled during compile-time; this
                   makes it possible to have multiple versions of same
                   plugin tupe (for instance, plugins for different
                   ALSA versions, etc)
        - changed: ecasoundrc - mikmod-path and -args combined into
                   more general mikmod-cmd
        - fixed: compile time problems under Solaris 2.6 and FreeBSD
                 4.1 [beaupran, rcampbel]
        - fixed: ncurses fixes (the ever-bold bug) [artham]
        - fixed: cs-loop seg.faulted
        - fixed: stripped libtool version info from plugins [wrobell]
        - fixed: configure-time relocations didn't affect the default
                 paths of effects presets and LADSPA plugins [juekawa]
        - fixed: invalid/non-existant files caused problems for all
                 utils in ecatools package
        - fixed: sync-related ALSA 0.6.x fixes
        - fixed: better handling of mp3, ogg, timidity and mikmod
                 related errors
        - fixed: -sr:srate didn't work (broken in 1.8.3d15)
        - fixed: problems with ALSA 0.6.x pcm plugins

 . http://www.eca.cx ... [ audio software for linux ] /\ . 
 . http://www.eca.cx/aivastus ... [ aivastus net radio ] /\ . 

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