[ecasound] Re: huge todo-list

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Subject: [ecasound] Re: huge todo-list
From: janne halttunen (jhalttun@pp.htv.fi)
Date: Fri Oct 27 2000 - 17:35:54 EEST

> Little food for thought, ie. projects that I'd like to get started
> free to forward this to linux developers that might be interested):
> 5. Dedicated mixdown app
> An interactive environment for doing mixdowns. Something like
> but implemented using the existing ecasound functionality. This is
> something I could really use myself. I usually spent very little time
> fiddling with the computer when I'm recording. I just record lots of
> material and don't spend much time doing sub-mixes. After this phase
> ready, I leave my recording gear alone and start putting the recorded
> material together with ecasound. I guess this bare-bones approach to
> recording was the key thing that motivated me to design ecasound's
> console-mode interface as it is now.
> I usually separate apps made for multitrack recording (Heteca, Ardour)
> mixdown apps (MixMagic, various digital-dj tools). But most of the
> these are combined. So it might be that Heteca will at some point move
> this direction. But I guess Janne is the right person to comment on

    It might be. At this point my intention is to build a solid
foundation from where to expand to more specific areas. My first
priority is to be able to quickly set up and start recording (without
losing the inspiration). Mixdown comes second. Then there are all kinds
of little things like, easily editing the drumtrack in the middle of
recordings, etc.
    The mixdown part also comes down to the availability of usable
widgets. For example, I don't think there is a cursesWaveform widget?
The latest GtkWaveform widget requires gtk 1.3.x, and there's no
python-bindings, so at this point it seems also too laborious for me to
investigate further. In the Qt-front things look a little lighter.
Perhaps SIP could be used to wrap libqtecasound? (who knows)
    The main focus now for me is get this project of mine out in the
open, so people might find something in there they could expand upon
(the classic Developers Wanted), and to get the basic functionality in

Until then :)


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