Re: [ecasound] Miscellaneous things again

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Miscellaneous things again
From: Sami Lempinen (
Date: Sun Aug 13 2000 - 14:17:30 EEST


>>>>> "S" == S Massy <> writes:

S> hi, Just started to record and try to do stuff more frequently
S> (more like everyday) with ecasound but I don't really know where to
S> start; set the card's mixer, ecasound's paremeters themselves,
S> etc. I was wondering if any of you would mind sharing his templates
S> (Parameters used the most often) with me, especially those who
S> record a lot of guitar stuff...

I second this! I've been experimenting with Ecasound with fairly good
results, but shared hints & tips would be greatly appreciated.

I have been experimenting with the preset effects (by copying them
verbatim to my chainsetup -- how does one use a preset as a preset?),
and while some of them are self-explanatory, some have fairly complex
set of parameters that are now easily deductable.

I am particularly looking for the following:

- A compressor/limiter preset for mic-recorded vocals
- A noise gate for the same
- An EQ setup for the same (baritone male voice)

Also, I seem to be unable to amplify the final mixdown to the level of
other PCM sources (e.g. MP3s, WAVs) without clipping. This is a bit
annoying as I have to crank the volume up to listen to my own crap,
and as soon as I switch to the the Guano Apes MP3s my speakers blow. I
assume that this is due to the wide range of dynamics in my synth
backgrounds, and I think a limiter would do a good job here also. Does
anyone have good tips on applying a limiter/compressor to a mix of



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