Re: [ecasound] The recording process.

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] The recording process.
From: Richard A. Smith (rsmith@BITWORKS.COM)
Date: Wed Jul 05 2000 - 17:07:24 EEST

On Tue, 4 Jul 2000 09:53:36 -0700 (PDT), P Shirkey wrote:

>I have been using grip for quite a while on this system
>Mandrake 7.1, 2.2.16, oss, maestro sndcard. It works perfectly well with no errors. One
thing that might be causing problems with ecasound. When I boot I get an error message
saying - can't locate module sound - I can't figure out why it does this as everthing works
once I'm in. I can't find any howto's relating to that complaint, and it doesn't seem to be
causing any problems with programs that are running, except maybe this one.
>I don't want to burden you with debugging a kernel. But that is the only thing I can think

Don't sweat it... I have been working with linux for 5+ years and sound is consistantly the
hardest thing to set up right.

The message when you boot is probally modprobe telling you that it that is trying to load a
module that it can't find.

look at the file /etc/modules which controls what modules are loaded at boot. Sometimes I
have found that you have to add the ".o" extension to the module name to get it to load.

What does the output of a "lsmod" show?

Do you know if you have the kernel module autoloader setup? If so that may explain why
things work later on. The autoloader will load the module on demand.

also look at the kernel documentation for your soundcard in /usr/src/linux/Documentation
assuming you have the kernel sources installed. There is a directory called sound I think.
In there is lots of stuff about what modules you driver depends on what options you can
give the module when it loads, etc.

Also read the man page on the 'modprobe' utility. It has some useful options.

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