Re: [ecasound] ecasound hangs when adding chain.

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] ecasound hangs when adding chain.
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Fri Jun 30 2000 - 18:35:10 EEST

> I've tried version 1.7.9r13 and 1.8.0d14 and both have the result.
> (I also tried 1.6.12r10 but this core dumped whenever trying to
> add a chain)

Yes, this is a __very__ common problem. I've received numerous
problem reports (-a:something causing crashing), but so far
I haven't been able to reproduce the error. Needless to say,
I'm quite anxious to resolve this.

> Now I dont understand the concepts of chains/chain
> setups/controllers. Yet.

I know, ecasound's concepts are a bit different from traditional
multitracks. The key things are:
  - there are chains :)
  - every chain has exactly one input and one output
  - inputs and outputs can be connected to multiple chains
  - all other objects (effects, controllers, etc) are
    attached to chains

If you keep these in mind, it should be easy to use ecasound.

> ecasound -a:1 -i someaudiofile.wav -a:all -o /dev/dsp

Yep, this is definitely something that works on most
machines, so it must be a library/system issue.

> I can do a c-add in interactive mode but I cant quite work out
> how to impliment it. I've been coming acros hangs and 'out of
> memory' errors while trying to experiment with the interactive
> mode (with version 1.7.9r13)A -a:1 will also hang while in
> interactive mode.

Hmm, this an interesting observation. I'll look into it.

> I did a trace with gdb and find that the program appears to be
> hanging in a libstdc++ call:
> (gdb) bt
> #0 0x4038dc80 in basic_string<char, string_char_traits<char>,
> __default_alloc_template<true, 0> >::Rep::clone () from
> /usr/lib/

Yep, this looks bad. Trying out different versions of libstdc++ would be the first thing I'd try myself. Compiling libstdc++ from sources
is quite painful, so I suggest to use binary-RPMs or debs.

> Maybe just a final question, I've been using the windows program,
> to mix full length songs together, downmixed to produce seemless
> mix CDs(around 25 minutes length total) . Including simple
> amplitude envelopes over each song and a scalar resampling of
> each song.
> Is it worth me learning the interface (and resolving this bug) as
> Ecasound will do this?

Well, as the author of the sw, I guess I'm not the right person to answer your question. ;) Another app you might want to try is MixMagic. I haven't tried it myself, but some of my friends have said it's good. Ecasound is good too, of course, but different. :)

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