[ecasound] weird delay in real time processing

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Subject: [ecasound] weird delay in real time processing
From: S. Massy (theanaloguekid@tak.net.dhis.org)
Date: Thu May 11 2000 - 21:57:30 EEST


Seems that question time isn't over, now that I've successfully
compiled ecasound I have a problem in using it. Here it goes, I want
to use my computer both as real time effects processor and multitrack
recorder. The set up I have is as follows:
guitar + amp simulator + SBLive (MIC in) + processor (ecasound) +
SBLive speaker out + speakers (I intend to eventually output to a file
as well)

Now the problem I get is rather weird, when I start the processing
everything is absolutely perfect for the first 15-25 seconds, then I
start to feel (any musician will understand what I mean) a slight
delay between the input and the output. Fifteen more seconds and I
start to "hear" the delay and it just increases every ten seconds or so
from that time. If I close ecasound and restart it, it does exactly the
same (starts with little or no delay the becomes laggy). I lowered the
buffer size down to 32 and run ecasound with the "-r" option but it
doesn't seem to help much. I thought that it could mean that my
processor was overloaded but it never goes below 80% idle while I'm
running ecasound and I still have free memory left also.
Ecasound is basically set as follows:
# ecasound -a:setup -i:/dev/dsp -o:/dev/dsp -r

One last thing that I think is important to mentions is the fact that
I'm using alsa's emu10k1 driver. I tried to use native alsa devices
with ecasound but got a very poor sound along with underrun warnings
from ecasound, so maybe the problem's with alsa.

Anyway, I'd be glad if anyone could help on that one,
Sebastien Massy

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