Re: [ecasound] Chorus, flanger, phaser

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] Chorus, flanger, phaser
From: Kai Vehmanen (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 19:42:37 EEST

On Wed, 3 May 2000, Remco Poelstra wrote:

> Well, I want to develop some new effects, especially to calculated 3d
> sound, but I don't like C++ much. So I thought, Pascal is also object
> oriented (AFIAK) and other people would be able to use the effects as
> well, wenn I would program them in ecasound. I'll see what I'll do with
> it,and I'll take a better look at the LAD website, since I couldn't find
> that it's also possible to develop effects, without knowing C++.

Hmm, combining modules written in different OO-languages is a bit
difficult (you need CORBA, COM, etc). But there are alternatives:

Probably the easiest way is to write native effects. You don't necessarily
have to know much about C++, experience with C should be enough (you can
use C-code for the actual algorithm). Just copy-and-paste an existing
ecasound effect class, rename it and add the necessary the necessary
functions (process, init, set_parameter, get_parameter, construct,
destruct and a few others). Take a look at libecasound/include/audiofx*.h
and libecasound/src/audiofx*.cpp ... quite simple, isn't it? :)

Another possibility is to use LADSPA. Quoting David Olofson "LADSPA (is a)
simple, low level, VST 1.0-like plugin API. There are input and output
ports for audio (a buffer per run() call) and control data (a value per
run() call)." The whole LADSPA API is in a single C-header file, ladspa.h.
You'll find more info about it from ... Currently only ecasound and
gdam support it, but more will come. I'm quite sure of this, because the
API was developed on the linux-audio-dev mailing list, so it's not
a one man project.

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