Re: [ecasound] future of qtecasound?

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Subject: Re: [ecasound] future of qtecasound?
From: Remco Poelstra (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 06:24:06 EEST

Kai Vehmanen wrote:
> In 1.7.x development plan, you'll find 'qtecasound - major improvements´.
> But so far little has happened. The biggest problem is that I'm not really
> sure, what qtecasound should be like. Currently, it doesn't add much to
> ecasound's ia-mode. Some might even say it's more difficult to use.
> Another problem is that I don't use it myself anymore. At the moment,
> console-mode ecasound and ecawave are enough for my purposes. I know many
> people would like to see qtecasound with an interface something like
> Cakewalk or Acid. This would be great, I admit, but it won't happen
> overnight. Writing a full-blown GUI, is always a _big_ project.
> So, now I'd like to hear your opinion? Should I spend time on improving
> the current qtecasound interface, or should I redesign the whole thing?
> What kind of interface you'd like to have? Do you use qtecasound? What
> things you find most difficult to do with the console mode interface?
> This is important question, because nowadays I have to share my time
> between ecasound, qtecasound and ecawave. I can only work on one project
> at a time.

I don't use qtecasound. I like console based working, since it's fast, X
uses a lot memory and I can use ecasound now over the internet.
If you would like to continue developing qtecasound, then I would say,
make it more something like 'modules' where you put lines inbetween to
connect them. Like a real effects system, where you have to connect all
the seperate modules.

Remco Poelstra

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